Mastering resumes, acing interviews, and thriving in the cybersecurity industry

Long-form concept breakdowns, career thoughts, and immediately actionable advice, in chronological order.

Hit Quota, Secure the Bag: Account Executive Frameworks By Kyle Asay

I heard someone say recently that you are not years away from your dream job, you are skills away. I switched this year from a cybersecurity practitioner background into cybersecurity sales and want to start building those skills quickly. These are reviews of the books and courses I utilize along the way! Today it is Account Executive Frameworks by Kyle Asay.

Hacking The Hiring Process: Salary Expectations, Offers & Negotiation

Too many job seekers treat this final part of the process as an awkward afterthought, something to be rushed through with a quick nod. They do not realize that, just like that tough technical interview or that nerve-wracking HR screen, salary negotiation is a game. And just like any game, it is one you can learn to win.

Hacking The Hiring Process: Behavioural/Cultural Fit Interviews & Questioning

Behavioral or cultural fit interviews are not just about your skills — they are a deep dive into your values and teamwork style. Uncover the secrets to acing these interviews and become the top-choice candidate with this insightful article by Kaitlin O`Neil, Recruiting Manager at Bishop Fox!

Hacking The Hiring Process: Technical Interviews & Questioning

Technical interviews are your chance to showcase your expertise (knowledge or hands-on) and problem-solving skills. Learn the secrets to acing these interviews and stand out as the cybersecurity expert every company needs. Prep right, and your technical prowess can secure more than just client networks, but your dream job, too.

Hacking The Hiring Process: Initial Phone Screens

Initial phone screens are not just a formality, they are a crucial part of the hiring process. Turn them from daunting to empowering with this insightful article by Kaitlin O`Neil, Recruiting Manager at Bishop Fox. Learn to convey your skills, articulate career goals, transforming these conversations into opportunities to shine!

Hacking The Hiring Process: Job Adverts, Specs & Red Flags

Looking through job adverts and listings has to be one of the worst parts of the job hunting process. Vague, often badly written or just plain unrealistic - lets break down what they really mean and how to spot red flags.

Hacking The Hiring Process: Recruiters & Headhunters

Unfairly maligned by many technical professionals, having a good recruiter or headhunter in your corner can be game-changing when the market turns. Sure, you might be more than able to get a job all by yourself, but why not tap into a sea of market expertise and hiring knowledge?

Hacking The Hiring Process: Resumes

Your resume is still one of the most important weapons in your arsenal when it comes to getting the role you truly want and climbing up the ladder. Make sure yours stands head and shoulders above the crowd by rebuilding yours from the ground up with an eye towards strategy and design.

Career Strategy: Finding Your Career Narrative

I have often found that the most wildly talented. deeply technical people I have met and worked with are also some of the worst at selling all that skill to potential employers. This series is all about practical steps to fixing that.

Break In Case Of Consultancy: DevOps Pipelines

Technical breakdowns for non-practioners in (somewhat of) a hurry. Time to get up to speed on DevOps, what it is and how modern software gets written safely and quickly.