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Hi, I'm Matt Twells, founder of CodeBlooded Cyber. I've spent years as a senior solutions architect and cybersecurity consultant, leading teams, training juniors, and demystifying the complex world of cybersecurity.

Code Blooded Cyber is my platform to share this expertise and help you navigate your cybersecurity challenges - whether that's getting your next role, understanding a complex topic better, or crushing your next sales call!

Whether you're grappling with tough cybersecurity problems, in need of professional-grade technical training materials, or seeking tactical career advice you can use the very same day, CodeBlooded Cyber is here to help.

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Hit Quota, Secure the Bag: Account Executive Frameworks By Kyle Asay

I heard someone say recently that you are not years away from your dream job, you are skills away. I switched this year from a cybersecurity practitioner background into cybersecurity sales and want to start building those skills quickly. These are reviews of the books and courses I utilize along the way! Today it is Account Executive Frameworks by Kyle Asay.

Hacking The Hiring Process: Salary Expectations, Offers & Negotiation

Too many job seekers treat this final part of the process as an awkward afterthought, something to be rushed through with a quick nod. They do not realize that, just like that tough technical interview or that nerve-wracking HR screen, salary negotiation is a game. And just like any game, it is one you can learn to win.

Hacking The Hiring Process: Behavioural/Cultural Fit Interviews & Questioning

Behavioral or cultural fit interviews are not just about your skills — they are a deep dive into your values and teamwork style. Uncover the secrets to acing these interviews and become the top-choice candidate with this insightful article by Kaitlin O`Neil, Recruiting Manager at Bishop Fox!

Hacking The Hiring Process: Technical Interviews & Questioning

Technical interviews are your chance to showcase your expertise (knowledge or hands-on) and problem-solving skills. Learn the secrets to acing these interviews and stand out as the cybersecurity expert every company needs. Prep right, and your technical prowess can secure more than just client networks, but your dream job, too.

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  1. Company
    Bishop Fox
    Senior Solutions Architect
  2. Company
    Grant Thornton
    Advisory IT Risk Experienced Manager
  3. Company
    IT Security & Privacy Engagement Manager
  4. Company
    Senior Technical Consultant
  5. Company
    Penetration Tester
  6. Company
    CIAV (NATO) Systems Administrator
  7. Company
    British Army, Royal Corp of Signals
    Secure Communications Engineer/Systems Administrator
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