CodeBlooded Cyber. The cybersecurity Sherpa guiding you up your career mountain.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • - I keep applying and applying for dozens of cyber jobs, but I never get a response!
  • - I finally broke into the cyber industry, now what?
  • - I've been working my ass off for a few years now, why are these people making Senior and not me?
  • - I've gotta brush up on this ONE thing, I don't need all the details - I just need to get this done!
  • - How do I stand out in a sea of other people doing the exact same thing as me? How do I get an edge?

If so, CodeBlooded Cyber is for you.

Hi, I'm Matt, founder of CodeBlooded Cyber, and I help new tech professionals, consultants and salespeople make real, tangible upgrades to their careers.

There's mountains of content for people trying to get into cybersecurity but almost no content for people already in it!

People whose job it is now to know enough about a lot - like technology consultants, recruiters, or salespeople.

After spending more than 7 years in the IT and cybersecurity sector, I've learned a lot about what really gets people hired, noticed, and promoted.

I want to give you everything you need to take charge of your own ship and craft the cybersecurity career you've always wanted!


  • - Walking into your next job interview with an aura of unshakeable confidence, leaving nerves in the dust.
  • - Commandingly showcasing all your hard-won experience from a bulletproof resume.
  • - Skillfully maneuvering through the technology hiring labyrinth, consistently executing at every stage.
  • - Dazzling interviewers with a well of useful, researched business insights, like you're in their strategic meetings already!
  • - Negotiating salary with the authority and confidence of a seasoned diplomat, ensuring every penny you deserve lands in your paycheck.
  • - Ascending the cybersecurity career ladder with the laser-focused intent and precision of a seasoned mountaineer, leaving a trail of concrete, tangible achievements in your wake.
  • - Diving into customer calls and important meetings on unfamiliar technical topics armed with knowledge and ready to execute like a pro.
  • - Rapidly building client rapport stronger than an elevator cable, leading to more closed deals and a reputation that precedes you.

Sound good?