Things I’ve written, worked on, made or tried my best at making over the years.

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years - some important, some dumb, but these are the ones that I’m most proud of.

  • Cybersecurity Field Manual

    My first full-length book. Designed to be handed over the first time someone asks you how they can get into cybersecurity.

    Cybersecurity Field Manual

  • Networking Basics for Hackers

    [In Progress] My second full-length book. Written and edited in conjunction with Joshua Marpet. Designed to be the first networking textbook that you actually WANT to read.

    Networking Basics For Hackers

  • CodeBloodedCyber v1.0

    The website you are reading right now replaced this site, but this first version of the CodeBloodedCyber site was the first thing I ever built from a blank sheet of HTML & CSS and I am still really proud of how far I got.

    CodeBloodedCyber v1.0

  • ExpressVPN Review for PCGamesN

    Freelance work for PCGamesN, reviewing the latest 2023 version of ExpressVPN and its clients

    Freelance: PCGamesN Review

  • Flexispot C7B-Pro Ergonomic Office Chair Review for PCGamesN

    Freelance work for PCGamesN, reviewing the C7B-Pro ergonomic office chair by Flexispot

    Freelance: Flexispot C7B-Pro Review